PRW Services

We specialize in abseiling projects and mast erection. Derricks & masts Refurbishing & rebuilds Upgrades Inspections (Drops, Bolts, API 4G) Bolting projects Painting Semi-subs & drill ships Anode replacement Flare boom and repairs Helideck (painting, net replacement, structural repairs) Jack-ups Leg inspections Leg painting Anodes, Ladders and jetting line replacement FPSO Maintenance squads of Multi-skilled teams Commissioning and on-field maintenance

Abseilers are ideally suited to working on offshore installations and rigs. PRW has been safely and efficiently working on offshore projects for the last three years. We are proud of our accident-free record and the quality of our work. Why not contact us for your projects and then you can enjoy the benefit of our experience and services.

PRW’s strategic location in Africa enables quick and efficient service worldwide. PRW artisans are also rope access qualified providing great mobility and flexibility. Scaffolding crews can also be supplied.

Welding, Cutting, Burning Pipe, Refurbishment, Valve Refurbishment Ultra High Water Jetting Services Derrick Maintenance Flare Boom Maintenance Electrical Repairs Multi-skilled rope access teams Paint crews Tanker riding crews Quality Control crews.

Offshore Inspections

Bolt Torque Inspections Dropped Item Survey UWILD & SPS Non Destructive Testing, Magnetic Particle Ultrasonic – Flaw Detection, Thickness Gauging Liquid Penetrant Eddy Current

Offshore Painting

The major constraint with painting offshore is the ability to access structures. PRW’s vast experience in gaining access and working in various environments enables us to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution to a particular environment.
PRW has painted flares, jack up legs, helidecks, FPSO’s and VLCC ballast tanks without using traditional scaffolding techniques.
These innovative solutions have minimized downtime and interference with routine operations.

Surface Preparation

Ultra High Water Blasting

PRW supplies qualified blasting crews and UHP water blasters. This ensures continuous service of the machines as well as high production rates.

Dry Grit Blasting

Traditional methods of surface preparation are efficiently handled by PRW operators giving blast profiles for inspecting any location.

Mechanical Preparation

Localize repairs and time constraints call for innovative solutions. PRW crews are able to mobilize and access platforms, rigs and ships within short notice anywhere in the world. With modern surface tolerant coatings, a high quality project is guaranteed.


PRW painters work according to stringent quality control procedures ensuring correct application and durability of final products.

Ship Maintenance

PRW crews have over 03 years experience in specialized maintenance services on crude tankers and FPSO’s.

Maintenance and Tank Cleaning

Comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services are available worldwide. Invaluable time can be saved prior to docking by the use of our experienced riding crews.

Ballast Tank Painting

PRW specialists carry out Ultra High Water Blasting and painting of ballast tanks whilst at sea. The crews use access techniques including scaffolding to access the elevated areas of tanks and thus create substantial cost savings.

Deck Recoating

Complete deck refurbishment by Ultra High Water Blasting and Dry Grit Blasting offers superior finishes by professionals.

Vessel Surveys

Inspection surveys are carried out by qualified inspectors to class requirements. Comprehensive reports are provided in both digital and print format.

The Inspections cover:

General condition of the tanks Coating condition Pre dry dock surveys Anode assessment Structural Inspection Industrial Services Servicing Southern Africa’s mines, power utilities, mills, silos and plants since 2008, PRW offers innovative rope access solutions and safe to our clients. We are doing:
Grit blasting, Paint Spraying HP washing Electrical Steel erection Welding Fabrication Rigging


PRW’s trained personnel can effectively access seemingly inaccessible areas anywhere, anytime, and perform a full range of inspection procedures, including bolt torque inspections, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, dropped item survey, non-destructive testing, eddy current and liquid penetrant. All stages of inspections are digitally recorded and completed with a detailed report of the work carried out.

Inspection & Structural Surveys

Video and Visual

Surveys Photographic surveys Concrete inspection Weld inspection Magnetic particle inspection Ultrasonic Eddy current


Contracts undertaken by PRW regularly include the cleaning of windows on high-rise buildings or glass atriums, inaccessible ceiling beams and high-rise tiled surfaces. In industrial settings, including offshore environments, high-pressure cleaning equipment is frequently used to degrease or prepare surfaces for coating applications, inspections, etc.

Installations & Repairs

Installation and maintenance of signs is a direct application of Industrial Rope Access. Our expert personnel can also weld, cut and perform mechanical and erection work, often eliminating complications arising from the use of scaffolding.

Building Maintenance

Masonry repairs Concrete repairs Roofing repairs Downpipes Flagpoles Bolt Installation Lightning conductors

Other Services

Painting Services

PRW’s strategic locations enable quick efficient service worldwide. Inaccessible painting contracts whether small “touch-up” jobs or large projects, are ideally suited to Industrial Rope Access techniques. PRW is regularly contracted to perform large grit blasting, hydro blasting and painting work and is fully conversant with all modern coating systems in accordance with Nace requirement.

Rope access painters are a highly competitive option for offshore fabric maintenance on FPSO’s, platforms and rigs as well as on tankers and VLCCS (for riding crews).

We specialize in abseiling projects and mast building.

Special Projects

PRW is known for its innovative rigging solutions. From sign installations and derrick extensions to fabric-tensioned roofs and offshore installations, we will rig it anywhere, anytime. Our heaviest lift to date exceeds 400 tons.

Other unique contracts performed by PRW include:

Installation & maintenance of microwave dishes Geo-technical surveys Inspections and erection of radio masts

  • HSE / Training
  • Safety

PRW strives to stay on top of the world’s safety standards and values the safety of all involved. The management and employees of PRW asre committed to ensuring the Occupational Health & Safety of all stakeholders, inclusive of employees, customers, contractors, service providers, suppliers, and the public who may be affected by our operations. PRW employs a full time HSE Representative who is skilled in the unique environment of Industrial Rope Access


We have been servicing the telecommunications industry for more than 10years. Due to the nature of msat and tower work in the insudtries it is of the most importance to ensure minimum down time of antennae and microwave links.

  • Antenae Installation
  • Microwave Dis Installation
  • Mast and Tower Maintanance
  • Vertical Lifeline Installations

Geo-Technical Services

We are industry Leaders in the installation of rockfall protection measures and slope stabilisation systems. we are preferred installers in SOuth Africa